Social Audit Service

Introducing Assure 4Good’s Social Audit Service, where we conduct comprehensive audits to assess your company’s adherence to ethical and social responsibility standards. Our specialized audits cover crucial areas such as child labour, worker rights, fair remuneration, environmental protection, and more.
Rely on us to get thorough insights that support your commitment to corporate social responsibility

Social Management System Validation

We verify that the facilities endorse the Code of Conduct Principles established by customers and/or standards across all aspects of their company’s operations, integrating these principles seamlessly into their systems. 

Child Labor Monitoring

We verify that facilities that they do not employ any worker below the legal minimum age, either directly or indirectly. Detailed records are maintained, and in cases where child labour is detected, we provide a comprehensive assessment and recommend a Remediation plan.

The Rights of Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

We verify that the facility respects workers’ rights to form and join trade unions and engage in collective bargaining. We also ensure that all workers are informed about their rights and responsibilities, and we advocate for their protection in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

No Discrimination, Violence or Harassment

We verify that all workers are treated with respect and dignity, and we ensure they are not subjected to any form of violence, harassment, or inhumane treatment in the workplace. Additionally, we confirm that there is no discrimination against workers.

Prevention of Forced Labor and Human Trafficking

We verify that facilities do not participate in any form of forced or bonded labour, including human trafficking, either directly or through business partners. Our audits adhere to international principles of responsible recruitment to ensure compliance and prevent any form of servitude or nonvoluntary labour, including state-imposed forced labour.

Fair Payment Assurance

We verify that facilities respect workers’ rights to receive fair remuneration on time, including all legal benefits. Our audits ensure that facilities work towards providing a living wage and adhere to premium wage rates for overtime work.

Working Hours Compliance

We verify that facilities adhere to legal regulations regarding working hours and comply with international standards, including specific exceptions where applicable.

Occupational Health and Safety Assurance

We verify that facilities uphold a healthy and safe working environment by identifying potential and actual risks to workers’ health and safety. Our audits ensure that all necessary measures are taken to eliminate and reduce these risks effectively.

Environmental Protection Assurance

We verify that facilities implement sufficient measures to prevent, mitigate, and address adverse impacts on surrounding communities, natural resources, climate, and the overall environment.

Ethical Business Conduct Verification

We verify that facilities refrain from engaging in any acts of corruption, extortion, embezzlement, or bribery, ensuring adherence to ethical business practices.


Through our thorough social audit services, Assure4Good aims to promote ethical business practices, protect workers’ rights, and contribute to sustainable and responsible business operations.