APSCA Policy

RSJ Inspection service Ltd (RSJ) & its Management is committed to safeguard the impartiality, independence, and conflict of Interest in its all the conformity assessment services (Audit, Inspection, Assessment etc.) and related activities by,

• Ensuring the ownership, governance, management, personnel, shared resources, finances, contracts, training, marketing, payment of sales commission, or other inducement for referral of new clients do not compromise independency and impartiality of all the services (Audit, Inspection, Assessment etc.) & Activities provided.
• Not conducting the service (Audit, Inspection, Assessment etc.) when RSJ (including, but not limited to, owners, managers, or auditors or associate) has business interest in the outcome of the service (Audit, Inspection, Assessment etc.) this include but is not limited to, fees, or other business contingent on the outcome of service.
• Not providing the social compliance audit service at any facility where the RSJ, its owners, managers, associate have provided social compliance consultancy within the preceding two (2) years.
• Ensuring not to use any Auditor, assessor, who has involved in social compliance consultancy for the client in the preceding two (2) years.
• Not providing the inspection service at any facility where the RSJ, its owners, managers, associate are involved in design, manufacture, supply, installation, use or maintenance of the items it inspected.
• Ensuring not use any associate who has involved in providing above activity of the inspected item.
• Adhering to good governance, being honest & trustworthy and implement adequate measures to ensure to uphold these principles.
• Being impartial in its policy making and operations providing objective evidence to base its findings and decisions.
• Preventing Organizational, Commercial, or other pressures from impartiality with any related party and to which RSJ is required to provide services.
• Act as a faithful service provider and not engage in any activity that presents an unacceptable conflict of interest and avoid any perception of the same.
• Inculcating impartiality as culture among all RSJ associates.
• RSJ & its associates shall maintain integrity at all times.
• Remuneration of associates is independent and not influenced in any way to the IAAC service results / findings.
• Identifying and evaluating the probable risks to impartiality.
• Imparting appropriate measures to eliminate or minimize the potential risk.
• Periodically reviewing the risk and the mitigation to keep them up to date.
• Honoring the declarations made in RSJ ethics and conduct code.