Simple Factory Audit


Simple Factory Audit (SFA) is conducted at the supplier’s facility to assess the existence, reliability, capacity and their capability to meet various requirements of the buyer. It is one of the essential & important steps in securing your supply chain before placing order with any new supplier.

It is one of the simple methods to quickly audit the factory with easy budget & it is highly recommended especially for first time working with new factory, expanding of new product categories & started working with new sourcing countries.

Why Simple Factory Audit?

  • To choose a reliable & legitimate factory with confidence
  • To verify what your suppliers are, are they agent or manufacturer
  • To avoid scams and inexperienced factory
  • To save time and mitigate risks
  • To check on producing right quality products
  • To check the experience & competence in manufacturing

Here the auditor examines the organization profile, machineries & manufacturing processes, quality control systems, documentations, etc to make an honest appraisal of their potential and worthiness.

Simple Factory Audit Checklist includes,

A. Factory Profile & Information

Supplier & Facility Name, Years of Experience, Product ranges, Export details, No. of employees, R&D, QC, Workers, Production capacity, Total Lead Time, Current running products, Major customers, Organization chart, Production lines/workshops etc.,

B. Document verification

Business License, Export license, Legal status, Product certificates (ROHS, CE, etc.), ISO 9001 Certificate, Social Accountability Compliance, Labor Contracts/Factory Regulations, Payrolls and Attendance Records, Fire Certificate, Environment certificates etc.

C. Management system

Office, working conditions, Production lines, Machinery, Production development, Production management, Storage, Fire & safety etc.

To know more in detail, please download and go through our model report Simple Factory Audit Model Report