Fire Safety Audit

Textiles, papers, plastics and some of the chemicals are highly inflammable and can cause huge loss of lives and material in the event of a fire break down. All facilities storing, handling or manufacturing these materials should have adequate fire preventive and control measures in place to face any emergency. Safety of men, machines and workplace is of prime importance and cannot be compromised at any cost. In order to ensure safety of men, machines, material and the work site including building/s, the facilities are required to comply with applicable national and state laws. In India, “The Factories Act 1948” and the rules made there under are the statutory requirements to be complied with by all factories.

The incidences of fire in apparel factories in the building Rana Plaza at Bangladesh in the Year 2013, where thousands of lives were lost are the eye openers and have drawn a serious attention of all factories/ business establishments to plug in the vulnerable areas to ensure fire safety compliance.

Generally, it is seen that, as the focus is more on production related activities, the factories tend to disregard or overlook the fire prevention and control procedures set up. Fire prevention and safety measures always require a close monitoring. The active involvement and support of everyone from the top management to the shop floor personnel is critical in implementation and ensuring compliance and a safe workplace.

The factories should provide and maintain the necessary licenses, approvals, facilities and equipment’s as like under:

  • NOC from fire department
  • Factory license
  • Smoke detectors
  • Sprinklers
  • Proper storage for storing and handling of inflammable liquids/ chemicals etc.
  • Appropriate types of fire extinguishers adequate in number
  • Adequate water storage tanks and hydrants
  • Fire alarm /PA system /intercom
  • Unblocked aisles & exits
  • Unblocked / unlocked emergency exits
  • Marking of aisles and exits
  • Emergency evacuation plan
  • Emergency preparedness plan
  • Emergency lights
  • Training in operation of firefighting equipment’s and evacuation drills
  • First aid medicines and trained persons
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Regular inspection and maintenance procedure for firefighting equipment’s

As RSJ is closely associated with textile and apparel industry as a third-party monitoring agency, we are aware of the law requirements and the industry practices concerning fire safety requirements. Our expert eyes can take care of your interests in the area.

Fire Safety Audit is a validation process of the factory’s compliance with fire safety laws. It is to mention here that, this cannot be a substitute to the factory’s internal control mechanism. Our experts visit the site and observe carefully and evaluate the factory’s fire prevention and control measures and practices in place and readiness to face a fire emergency. A detailed observation by RSJ is a gap analysis tool which will help to bridge the gap to ensure compliance with fire safety laws. An evaluation by RSJ enhances the credibility and sustainability of the factory’s fire safety internal control mechanism.

FSA services by RSJ would benefit everyone in the supply chain i.e., factories, suppliers, brands, importers and retailers to secure a fire risk free workplace.