Extensive Technical Audit

About Extensive Technical Audit

What is Factory Audit?

It is a systematic analysis conducted by an expert at the supplier’s facility to assess the supplier’s quality assurance system, capacity and their ability to meet various requirements of the buyer. The auditor examines manufacturing processes, process controls & supplier control systems to make an honest appraisal of their potential and worthiness.
Some common names used for Factory Audit (Technical) are as below : –

The scope of Technical Audit covers:
• Basic factory profile
• Quality management system – factory’s quality manual, planning, and management review
• Resources management – human resources, purchasing and control of measurement devices
• Stock management – storage of incoming materials, in-process, and finished products
• Incoming material inspection
• Production processes – workshop organization, quality control during products
• Packing and quality control processes before shipment – packing line organization, quality control before shipment
• Measurement, analysis, and improvement – factory internal audits, data management
• Any other specific instructions from the client

Findings are collated in a comprehensive report and a correct action plan is provided to prioritize the most important follow-up actions for the factory’s improvement. Progress on corrective actions can be measured through a follow-up audit, desktop review and/or phone calls.
A Technical Audit is carried out by RSJ auditor with high experience in the field. Reports are provided within 72 hours.

Why to DO Factory Audit (Technical)?

Performing a Factory Audit is a cost-effective, time-efficient way to compile a complete profile of your supplier, so that you know if they’re reliable before you give them business and
• To ensure the existence of target set up
• To evaluate the capacity and capability of the new suppliers
• To verify their strength/capability in manufacturing targeted product lines.
• To evaluate the existing quality management system.
• To verify whether they are already into manufacturing.
• Technical audit helps to finalize potential factory to place an order along with few backups for future.

Benefits of Technical Audit

With systematic evaluation of supplier, the customer will have the following benefits.
• Get a snapshot of supplier practices and organization and implement corrective actions plans wherever required.
• Evaluate risks of non-quality and determine adapted quality control measures.
• Establish mutual beneficial partnerships with a pool of suppliers.
• Avoid chances of selection of a technically non-competitive supplier.

What Techniques We Use for Technical Audit

Techniques used are based on simplified and modified ISO 9001 systems.

The audit process includes: –

Opening meeting
An opening meeting is conducted with the senior management / factory representative(s) to let them know the scope and methodology of the audit, any assistance documents required from them during the audit.

Factory tour
A factory tour is conducted to observe the manufacturing processes, procedures, process controls and overall general workplace conditions. Interaction with employees during the factory tour or after the tour is a part of the audit process.

Employee interviews
Auditors interview a representative sample of workers in a non-conspicuous area, without the presence of management and talk with them freely about the workplace conditions.

Documentation review
The auditor reviews relevant documents and records in support of the factory’s systems and procedures in place.

Closing meeting with the senior management
A closing meeting is held with the senior management / factory representative(s) to let them know and discuss the audit findings. The management is free to express their views and concerns on any issue pertaining to the audit during the closing meeting. The management / factory representative(s) will sign a copy of the audit findings in acknowledgement of the receipt of the findings and propose their corrective action plan, where necessary.

Why use RSJ inspection?
Your Eyes in the Factory
We are an independent audit company, working on your behalf to protect your business interests in the supply chain.

Manage Your Quality Control Process Online
Create your free account, schedule audits online, make payment arrangements, and receive your detailed audit report electronically.
In order to offer the highest quality audits, each auditor is specialized by audit type, and undergoes mandatory in-depth training and strict internal audits.

Comprehensive Audit Reports
The report is delivered within 48-72 hours of an audit. Every report includes copies of factory records, management interviews and images to ensure that you get a complete profile of your supplier.