Environment Audit

Why environmental Audit is important? 

Environmental audits are vital to the future of your organisation. It ensures that factories and suppliers conform to national and international regulations. It also helps you stay competitive today and tomorrow.

Benefits of an environmental audit:

  • To help safeguard the environment and minimize risks to human health.
  • Comply with current environmental and energy laws.
  • Helps in addressing current & potential future problems.
  • It determines how much money you can save by reducing waste and doing other things.
  • Show your commitment to your customers on environmental protection.

How is it adding value?

Environmental audit from RSJ will provide you with third-party verification of your organisation’s green initiatives and improvements. Our experienced environmental auditors will assist you in reducing energy and raw material consumption, reducing waste and pollution, and reducing the risk of accidents and emergencies. Your business will not only be environmentally friendly, but it will also be more efficient and productive.

Our Environmental audit program focuses on:

  • Environmental management system
  • Energy use, transport and greenhouse gases
  • Emissions to air
  • Water use, including wastewater/effluents
  • Waste management
  • Pollution prevention/hazardous and potentially hazardous substances
  • Major incident prevention and management
  • Contaminated land/soil and groundwater pollution prevention
  • Land use and biodiversity

To view our model report, visit – Model Reports