Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

RSJ Inspection Service Ltd. through its’ platform ‘Assure 4Good’s’ offer security/C-TPAT audit services to clients’.  We understand the paramount importance of meeting global security/CTPAT requirements to safeguard all export shipments from potential risks and threats.  RSJ through qualified and competent resources arranges comprehensive security/C-TPAT audits as per defined criteria in the below listed areas.

Corporate Security

1. Security Vision & Responsibility:

We assess the commitment of your company’s upper management to instill security as a fundamental aspect of your organizational culture and prioritize it across all levels of operation

2. Risk Assessment:

Our audits evaluate the effectiveness of your risk assessment procedures in identifying and mitigating threats, particularly in complex supply chain environments.

3. Business Partners:

We ensure that your business partners, both domestic and international, adhere to appropriate security measures to safeguard goods throughout the supply chain, especially those directly handling cargo and import/export documentation.

4. Cybersecurity:

Our audits examine your cybersecurity measures to protect critical assets, including intellectual property, customer information, financial data, and employee records, against cyber threats and breaches.

Transportation Security:

5. Conveyance and Instruments of International Traffic Security:

We scrutinize measures to prevent, detect, and deter unauthorized alterations to conveyances and hidden contraband within Instruments of International Traffic.

6. Seal Security:

We verify adherence to comprehensive seal policies and proper seal placement to ensure the integrity of cargo transport and prevent tampering.

7. Procedural Security:

Our audits assess procedural adherence to import-export processes, documentation requirements, and incident reporting protocols to maintain regulatory compliance.

8. Agricultural Security:

We evaluate the efforts to eliminate foreign contaminants from all conveyances and cargo types to safeguard the agricultural industry and global food supply chain.

People and Physical Security:

9. Physical Security:

We examine the implementation of physical barriers and deterrents to prevent unauthorized access at cargo handling and storage facilities, enhancing overall site security.

10. Physical Access Controls:

Our audits scrutinize access control measures to regulate entry and maintain control of employees, visitors, and service providers at all points of entry.

11. Personnel Security:

We assess employee screening and verification processes to mitigate internal security threats and ensure the trustworthiness of personnel involved in cargo handling and documentation.

12. Education, Training and Awareness:

We emphasize the importance of employee education and training on security threats and protocols to foster a culture of vigilance and compliance throughout your organization.
With our CTPAT Audit Service, you can trust us to deliver thorough assessments and actionable insights to enhance your supply chain security and meet CTPAT requirements effectively. So partner with us to strengthen your compliance efforts and safeguard your business against evolving security challenges in today’s dynamic global landscape.